Tour To China Is Incomplete Without Visiting Xiamen

A tour to China was in my mind for a long time, and last month I made it. I went to almost all famous cities of China to check what is great in the city. I went to Xiamen China’s port city as well, which is across a strait from Taiwan. It is an amazing city just like the other cities. Xiamen has 2 main islands and on the mainland, there is a region. Presently, this island is vehicle-free and has beaches to enjoy. The streets of Xiamen are lined with colonial villas.

The island Gulangyu is popular by the name “Piano Island” and the reason for the same is the affection of locals with this instrument. Have a look on some top spots of the city where you can go and enjoy the spots that have an exceptional attraction.

  • Gulangyu

This is the car-free island and it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island is spread in 2Km of the area, you can reach here by taking a ferry ride from Xiamen. The island is famous for relics, architecture and natural beauty.

  • Zhongshan Road Walking Street

This is the best place for shopping lovers. The street has everything a shopping lover wants. You can buy local stuffs and branded things from this street.

  • Haicang Bridge

This is a suspension bridge and just like any other bridge, but the things that add charm in it is the view of the city. You will get the breathtaking view of the city from the top end of the bridge.

  • Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall

The memorial hall has been built in the memories of national heroes. The statue of Zheng Chenggong is the most fascinating things here. It is present at the entrance of the memorial hall, one of the most popular tourist destinations.