Penticton: Exploring The Best Attractions

Penticton, I was so enamored by this small town. This place has a lot to offer for a fleeting visit. I explored the majority of this town and every day I found new things to do here. In case you are looking for what to do in Penticton, take a look at the options below to have a fun vacation.

  • Biking

The scenic paths of Penticton are great for cycling. However, if you are looking for some extreme thrills, you can explore the mountain trails. These have been custom made for the purpose of cycling. So, do not worry, it is completely safe.

  • Caving and climbing

Many rock climbers visit Penticton every year from across the world. If you are one such adventurer, visit Skaha Bluffs. There are a series of cliffs with over 650 routes. Separate routes are available for advanced and beginner climbers. I also came across many hiking trails. Hike or climb, you will get to enjoy the amazing view of Okanagan Valley, Penticton, and Skaha Lake.

  • Golf

The climate of the town makes it just perfect for playing golf. Short winters with long summers and little snow will keep the avid player to the ground all throughout the year. The golf course of Okanagan is open throughout the year. In case you are not a golf enthusiast, you can take a walk around the golf course, to enjoy the view of the lakes and mountains.

  • Hiking

There are many hiking trails around this town that you can enjoy. The landscapes are dry grasslands, vineyards, clay banks, mountain lakes, and many more. Going on a hike, it was able to enjoy the panoramic view of the lakes and the mountain ranges. You will be able to enjoy the wildlife that is both rare and common.