Brasilia: This Capital City Will Make You Wonder

Brasilia is the capital city of the country of Brazil and it is known to be in the shadows due to the popularity of Rio which is situated further down of this capital city. But as travelers, Sarah, with, in NY, and I knew that there is something special that Brasilia will offer and so we decided to undertake a trip to the capital city of Brazil.  It was a great trip and we definitely want to experience more of the culture in this beautiful country.

    • As soon as we landed in Brasilia, we were meeting with the most perfect weather available for traveling. It was breezy but at the same time was not spine-chilling cold. The people of Brazil were extremely friendly and they welcomed us extremely well and provided a quick ride to the airport.
  • Our initial impression of Brasilia was that it offered everything that any Latin American city offered but with a new form of charm. Brasilia was much quieter and more organized as compared to the other city and even the people here are much more relaxed and calm. Unlike Rio, this city does not see its name in the top newspapers around the world, but nevertheless, the architecture and the development made in the city is a marvel on its own.

  • We went around the different cathedrals, the city has to offer, and some of them even as many as 100’s of years old. The architectural styles in these cathedrals are extraordinary and they call for much more learning about the historic times. Brasilia is also the best place where you can get the best of the Brazilian food. Brasilia is the best place for shopping as well, one can get the best of the stuff from the local markets which are priced extremely reasonably. Reaching the city is also extremely easy since it is connected to all major cities of the world via flights.